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I am a person who draws eyebrows.

In those eyebrows,

I leave a space for the future.

In those eyebrows,

I leave a space for nature.

I wish to draw eyebrows that provide change and freedom.

    (Before)                                                                         (After 10 Minutes)  
" For Sherri to enhance your already natural shape is the best way to go."
(Before)                                                            (After 8 minutes) 

When I draw a single line

In the moment

I hold my breath

I hear the fine sounds of a chello

With that I complete my an eyebrow

               And it brings me joy.          



In my studio,



And I...

Come together to create a masterpiece.

 (this picture was taken 8 minutes after her eyebrow tattoo. I really love the end result to her tattoo). 


It's better to leave a sense of wistfulness behind.

Perfection is stifling so I wish to avoid it,

And is permanent in a way that doesn't seem right.

If one restricts the eyebrows that tightly,

There is no room for a future.

I lkie this empty space !

Chopsticks made by artist

Visiting dry flower shop

On rainy days
I can look at the sky
And walk around boldly
since I got my eyebrows tattooed semi permanently.



When I show a client 

Their reflection in the mirror

After I’m finished with their eyebrows,

They cry quietly.


With their tears,

They show their appreciation for the eyebrows.

While I’m also grateful to them

for coming a long way.


The end of a longstanding worry.

Thank you for coming!


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